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Body Parts

When Everything Goes Wrong

After Grief

Where Is the Power?

The Ways of the Spirit

Am I His Favorite?

The Ministry - A Trust Broken

Question About the Florida Revival & Strom Article

Hearing His Voice

A Clear Trumpet Sound: Stop the Violence

Hard Sayings

Does Jesus Love You???

My Strong Arms

To Fly Like an Eagle

Mentoring and Affiliating

Finding God's Will For Your Life

What is Your Value?

Insulted Prophets

God Still Has Kids to Raise

Counting the Cost

Do Not Be Afraid To Pray

Producing A Righteous Work

The Healing Spirit

Can You Keep A Secret?

He says: Seek My Face!

The Prophetic Mindset

Apostles, False Apostles or Wrong Apostles?

Building the Household of God

Is It Kingdom Success?

Things God is Not Responsible For


The Prophetic Blessing

Our Times Today

The Pride of Life

The Problems of Prophetic Pride

Offended in Ministry

What's In It For God?

Plowing the Prophetic Ground

Miracles Work By His Authority

Bruised and Confused

How Is Your Tummy?

My Precious Bride

Yahweh or Your Way?

Idol Worship and Ministry

The Even So Prayer Watch!

What If Leaders Got Hungry?

40 Reasons Jesus is Not Coming Back this Year

Tribute to 911

Weirdness in the House of God

Without A Wedding Garment

Words of Wisdom for Ministers

Staying Focused



Your Emerging Anointing

The False Doctrine of "Living Understanding"

Money and the Church

More Understanding on Jezebel

Mad for 38 Years

Kingdom Advancement

The Vision - the Big Picture

The Fires

Birthing That Baby

Discerning Our Prophetic Destiny

Mother, Behold!

Where Are the Holy Places?

Waging the Spiritual War

A Balanced Christian Life

A Hard Minister's Heart

And A Sound Mind...

Breaking Unhealthy Soul Ties

Forgiveness Approach

Forest of Offense

Sent or Sacrificed?

What Does Jesus Want?

Confidence Versus Conviction

Breaking Through Spiritual Barriers

Trusting the Word...

Prophetic and Intercession

The Foundation of Your Ministry

Strange Prophets

When the Peg Comes Out

Charismatic Attacks

The Deceitfulness of Riches

Church and Ministry Transition

See the Light!

A Judging Coming

Missing Body Parts

In and Out of The Anointing

Is Your Flesh Dying?

A Cry for Pastors

Swamp Land

The Prophetic Jackpot

Treasures for 2006

To Tithe or Not To Tithe?

And there is so much more!

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