Jesus cares about you!!!

Make your petitions made known unto God...

Minister to someone else....

Let us all join together for prayer and ministry...

I come by almost daily to pray for these requests
and we also have ministry intercessors.

I hope you will join your faith with mine
for all of these petitions.

Please submit your requests.

We will pray and agree with you--
asking for God's perfect will in your life.

If you would like to submit a word of encouragement so
others will know you are praying, too, please do.

This is Body ministry--God's way.

It is powerful and effective.

IF you really feel your request is very personal,
then you can send a personal email,
but know that there is great power in prayer with agreement.

Do Submit here as often as you like, and
Thank You for choosing to edify the Body of Christ
by caring about others -- and yourself!

You are loved by the true Body
and by Your Lord Jesus
who paid the Price on the Cross for you...

Remember, He is also ever interceding
before the Father on all of our behalf!

Our Stand With You

Thank you for caring!

To View the Old Prayer Guestbook Requests before the necessary Changeover
Feel free to update them in the new Prayer Guest Book if you want!

We have never charged for prayer in this ministry,
contrary to what some malicious people have been saying!

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