By Juanita Price

So many still do not believe there really is a God.
Even believers who cry "Lord, Lord", secretly feel He is only a facade.

For in their lives they send a message of unconcern,
To a lost and dying world who will be sure to burn.

They watch the world die in their sins missing the message of Christ,
Who in exchange for His life, paid their sinful price.

Oh, distracted and deceived believers, canít you see,
Satan stalking violently on his murderous spree?

Pray, Fight, Resist him I say.
For if you donít, there will be a price to pay.

Understand that is has always been my will for you to prosper and be in good health.
But you allowed satan to deceive you and steal your wealth.

Poverty, disease, and heartache came because you ignored my warnings about the dangers of sin.
When you choose to gratify the lusts of the flesh, eyes, and pride of life, Satan wins in the end.

It was never ever My plan for My people to live in such defeat.
My plan was for my people to be free and occupy the royal seat.

Instead you choose to live like mere slaves instead of kings.
Crawling about in darkness, like dogs panting for dinner-table droppings.

You have chosen to wander away from me and it tears my heart.
To see you entrapped by sin, when you have known truth from the start.

Because I loved man, I gave him the power to choose.
I wonít force man to love or serve MeÖ. My power over man, I will never abuse.

I simply set the table. I wonít force you to eat.
Itís your choice to live victoriously, or in the agony of defeat.

It hurts Me to see those predestined for greatness reducing themselves to decay and rot.
But the wages of sin has always been death, and I, the Lord God, change Not.