Into My Triumph

Prophetic word given through Pam Clark 6/26/98

O My Children,
As the end days approach
Do not think that I would leave you or forsake you
Though times get hard...

I have not forgotten the price
That My Son has paid for you
Nor should you!

More was bought and restored than just escapes from death
For restoration was secured through My Spiritual gifts
But they must be used...

Many do not have the proper attitude toward these gifts
Therefore many misuse them and defile themselves and others

But I would not have it so and I have made provision for that!

Seek Me!

Do not seek a man or woman of human flesh
For My gifts are of Spirit, for I Am a Spirit
And it is by the power of My Spirit that you shall attain,
not by your might or power...

Remember in the time of Israel's troubles
I declared that who would so ever look upon the serpent
Lifted high on a pole would be delivered
From the bite of the snake...

And so ye, as you look and see that
My Son rose high on a stake,
Bearing your shame and taking it ALL, So shall you be delivered.

For I cannot look upon you with sin
Without the blood covering of My Son.
Acknowledge My Son and His Love for you
Even more than your own sinful ways...

Praise Me for what I have done for you...
For it was Love that bought you and paid the price

And it is Love that will meet you at Heaven's gate,
If you know My Son...

To know Him is to know that He wants the best for you
And your total restoration.
But My restoration is by My Truth and My Word.

Look to My power! It is enough!

You can do all things through the Anointing which Strengthens and enables you.

Do not cower before the enemy nor be intimidated by him,
Declare My Love for you!!!

And know that as you believe
In the good for others and yourself,
Every joint will supply you to total victory.

You are My Body!

Look for Me in every member and part
For I have need of you there.

And when you find not Me, softly go on
And pray that My will would be done
On earth as it is in Heaven.

For it is in lining up with Me and My Word and My Will that
The enemy will be overcome.

And My triumphal glories which have so long been held back
Will rain in the Glorious Latter Rain of my Heavenly delights
Within you and upon you.

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