Living Waters

    Amid the chaos of life,
    There is a refreshing.
    There is a river.
    There is LIFE--
    In the midst of death.
    Didn't I say that out of your belly
    Shall flow rivers of living water?
    Refresh yourself in the Holy Ghost!
    Build yourself up!
    Enter in.
    There is so much to learn!
    The Holy Ghost is
    A marvelous teacher!
    He is the only one you need!
    Depend upon Him!

    He will never steer you wrong.
    Won't you quiet yourself
    And listen?
    He is within!
    Take time to enter in!
    Take time to listen.
    Be quiet and enter in.
    Loud voices--
    Quiet them!
    Listen for the still, small voice!
    He is speaking!
    He is so real!
    More real than you or I!

    Times of refreshing!
    They're here,
    Saith the Lord.
    Such annointing.
    Such glory.
    Enter in.
    Talk to your Best Friend.
    He will never steer you wrong.

    He is a Comforter.
    I never said I would
    Leave you comfortless!
    I sent a friend.
    He is within.
    Enter in.
    Talk to Him.
    Let Him help.
    He knows the Father's will.
    He knows the Father's plan.
    He knows the ultimate end.

    Seek Him.
    Receive Him.
    He comes from within!
    Let this wonderful friend
    Speak through you today.
    He knows what to say!
    He hears the Father's voice!

    Rivers of Living water,
    From within!
    Let this river flow.
    It will be a refreshing
    Like none you've ever known!
    Enter in.
    Feel the refreshing flow.
    You will feel re-born!

    Copyright (c) 1998 by Susan O'Neal