Prophetic Word through John Garlington

Contributed through JTL Ministies Newsletter

Have not I, your God, spoken unto you? Is not My Word steadfast? Is not My Word without change? In Me there is no variableness, neither shadow of turning.

Have I spoken and will I not bring it to pass the thing that I have said? Is there anything I have said that I cannot make good? I spoke and the heavens were established. I spoke and the worlds were framed. It was by My finger that the stars dot the heavens. I sustain all things by the Word of My power. I swear by Myself, because there is no one greater. I have spoken and I will bring it to pass.

There are some of you who would struggle within your own spirit with the thing that I have said to you in time past, and you would say, "Oh God, How long?" Oh, but would you not know that I watch over My Word to perform it and bring it to pass?

I am the God who makes covenant with My people, who has made that covenant sure by the shed blood of My Son. I make it even more sure in that My Son, who died to seal the covenant, rose on the third day to execute that covenant. He will bring it to pass.

I would have you release me from your expectations. I have spoken and you have determined in your mind just how I will bring that thing to pass. I call upon you to release Me from the limits of your finite mind.

I will not be limited by your expectations. I am the God who will do exceedingly abundantly above all that you ask or think. If you will say to Me, 'Be it unto me according to Thy Word' and release Me to be and do in and through you and your circumstances that which I long to do, you'll be surprised at My goodness and My grace.

Over and over again, as I have spoken a Word to My people, they have limited that Word -- restricted it by their culture -- restricted it by their own economic ability -- restricted it by their limited vision, because you see in the context of that environment in which you have grown. I exceed all environments. I long to move in your lives against strongholds of tradition, against strongholds of men's expectations.

There will be breaking forth of My anointing and My power in ways that you have not imagined. For there is change determined upon the nations. There is change determined upon the house of my glory.

It shall be a marvellous and wondrous change and will you not know that you are a part of all I am doing in the earth?

Say not in your spirit that I am limited. Say not in your spirit that I am not a large one or I am not a part of the larger thing. Yea, before there was a heaven and earth, you were in My mind, saith thy God. Before you came forth out of your mother's womb, I said, 'You are Mine!' Surely you are a part of my purpose.

Will you not limit that purpose by confining it to your ideas, by confining it to your expectations? Release Me from human expectation and allow Me to flow through your lives with divine revelation and divine provision, for I will do it.

I have said that new springs shall break forth and they are already bubbling forth. You are not able to see it because of your limited vision, but if you will lift your heart in the Spirit, you will begin to sense that some thing new and fresh is about to break forth in the earth. Yea, it will! I AM GOING TO DO IT, saith thy God. I have not forgotten My Word. I have not forgotten My Promise.

My Word and my promise are not dependent upon you -- they are dependent upon the God, the Sovereign God who declares a thing and then delights in bringing it to pass.

Know that no demons, no opposition, no circumstances shall prevent the Word that thy God has spoken. As you open your heart to Him, He will come with new and fresh revelation. There will flow out of your innermost being streams of healing.

Emotionally, people shall be healed. Psychologically, people shall be healed. Physically, people shall be healed. Look not on the afflictions even of your own body.

I long for you to rise up and enter into the covenant Life. There is a Lamb for your body; there is a Lamb for your healing; there is a Lamb for your deliverance. And you must appropriate that Lamb that I might release My glory in new and fresh dimensions upon you, saith the Lord.