Leader, what do you do after you have taken care of the people of God and have faced and won the victory over your Goliath?

This is a season of dramatic change for many in leadership. The changes that are coming are going to be part of the process of God to move into your next level of destiny-fulfillment. We are on a quest to fulfill our purpose. Davidís purpose went beyond Goliath.

I ask you to determinedly consider and prayerfully approach your next major move of ministry! His will be done! You will, undoubtedly, come into new arenas as move toward the threshold of your doorway of destiny.

1. David was moving into rulership. After defeating Goliath, David was no longer just a shepherd boy taking care of his fatherís flock, but he was now a man who was recognized in the nation as one having the favor of God. His gifting was about to face a major demand.

2. David built new covenant relationships. At this time, David was ready for a Jonathan. This was a relationship that was not built upon the strength of the political systems of the day, but upon love.

3. David changed his type or ďstyleĒ of service. Saul would not permit David to go back to taking care of the flock. His influence was now called upon by the King. There are times that God would have us to change our type of service.

4. David had to learn to deal with the challenge of being applauded. But David was after Godís heart, not manís and the Word says that ...... "he behaved himself wisely in all his ways."

5. David had to learn to be on the alert to a new level of attack. Saul did not respect the destiny upon David. As a result, David had to learn to wage warfare from a different perspective and source.

Davidís entire life changed! Leader, major shifts in authority are happening now! Be willing, be prepared, and arise to accept the destiny upon your life and ministry!


If you be willing and obedient, you shall eat the good of the land; but if ye refuse, you shall be devoured.... Isaiah 1:19

Here, the Holy Ghost is desiring two qualities - willingness and obedience. To move to your next word of instruction from the Lord, the first step is willingness. Then, God will give your command in order to expedite obedience to His will.


With growth, your language changes.

Time is Godís gift to you. What you do with it is your gift to Him.

Godís requirements are Godís enablements.

Stretch a little further.

God is in the ďNOW.Ē


"I have promised to not leave you alone. Even though the path that you now must walk upon is a new one, you must arise in the Power of My might to accomplish My plan. This is not a time to be overcharged with concern for others. This is something that you must do. I have not brought you here to bring you to stagnation. This is why I have put the press in your spirit to cause extreme unrest. You must now move in faith. Others will arise to a new level of strength. There is a new identity to come forth, says the Lord, for I will gird you with new garments in this hour and you shall see many changes. While other relationships are waning, I will yet bring new, says the Lord. This is the day of victory and progression and you shall have a sharpening of focus for I am bringing new things into view, says the Lord!"


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